Other Specialties

Care, Compassion, and Consideration in Every Prescription

As a full service pharmacy, Bergen Pharmacy also specializes in the following disease states and provides our signature services and management plans:

Compounding Services

Bergen Pharmacy has a highly trained staff knowledgeable in compounding services. Our team can work with patients and their doctors to formulate the best compound that meets the specific needs of the patient. Prescribers have the option to order through our electronic ordering system within the Practitioner Portal or download a fillable form and fax or email.
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At Bergen pharmacy we recognize that managing diabetes can be complex. Patients may be taking oral and/or injectable medications and faced with the task of testing their blood sugar multiple times a day. Our compassionate and specialized staff is available to assist patients in not only managing their medications but teaching them how to test their blood sugar properly and what their different results mean.

Crohn’s Disease

The specialty care pharmacists at Bergen pharmacy make it their top priority to stock both oral and injectable medications used in the management of Crohn’s disease. Our team recognizes that this condition can be difficult and it is our goal to make access to medications seamless and easy. Prescribers have the option to order through our electronic ordering system within the Practitioner Portal or download a fillable form and fax or email.
» Crohn’s Disease Enrollment/Order Form

Rheumatoid Arthritis/Psoriasis

Our specialized team is here to help patients in the long term management of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. We make it our priority to have all oral and injectable medications for this condition in stock. Our pharmacists are always available for individualized counseling and to answer questions that patients may have during their treatment process.
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Bergen Pharmacy carries a full line of injectables that are needed to treat neutropenia and anemia. Mediations can be prefilled for patients and our highly trained pharmacists are available 24 hours a day to counsel patients on proper administration. Injectables are delivered directly to patient’s home or doctor’s office with proper storage and necessary accompaniments such as needles, syringes, sharps container, and alcohol pads. Visit our practitioner portal where prescriptions can be ordered electronically or download our fillable form and fax to us at 973 923 7721.
» Neutropenia/Anemia Enrollment/Order Form


Serostim/Nexavar Bergen Pharmacy is one of the few pharmacies that is able to dispense these specialty medications that have limited distribution. These medications are stocked and can be delivered anywhere in the US.
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With patient care as our goal, we hope to serve your pharmacy needs with the flexible, tailored and professional approach to healthcare service delivery we have practiced for over 40 years.