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Care, Compassion, and Consideration in Every Prescription

For over 10 years, Bergen Specialty Pharmacy has been providing HIV/AIDs patients with a comprehensive disease management plans that assists with medication access, drug information and counseling, and coordination of insurance benefits. Our health care team is dedicated to providing the best medical services that are confidential and individualized based on patient specific needs.

Medication Access and Reliability

Our team recognizes the importance of patients accessing their medications right away. Bergen Pharmacy therefore maintains a full line of HIV/AIDs medications and injectables so our patients do not have to wait to start their therapy or face interruptions in therapy. We are one of the few pharmacies able to dispense Serostim.

Expert Drug Therapy Management

Our highly trained staff of pharmacists are proficient in HIV/AIDs disease state management and are happy to provide one on one counseling. They have expertise and comprehensive knowledge regarding drug therapy, duration, interactions, medication related complications, and co-morbidity management.

Insurance and Billing

At Bergen Pharmacy, our reimbursement specialists handle coordination of all benefit issues and are attentive to real life issues such as cost, access, and coping. We gladly assist in prior authorization approvals and accept NJ, NY, PA, and DE Medicaid, NJ and NY ADDP, Medicare Part D, and all commercial insurance plans.

Care, Compassion, and Consideration “Triple C” Packaging

In order to simplify complex medication schedules, we provide a variety of packaging to promote adherence. Bergen Specialty Pharmacy can willingly provide prefilled “Triple C” blister packaging, pillboxes, and prefilled syringes.

Third Party Medication Delivery

Bergen Pharmacy insures that patients receive their medications on time by providing complimentary shipping directly to patients home. Bergen Specialty Pharmacy also provides patients with a customized “Welcome Kit” that includes all necessary items for medical condition management.

Continuation of Care

Our team becomes a consistent member in the appropriate management of our patients medical conditions. Bergen Specialty Pharmacy plays an active role by providing monthly telephone refill reminders, a 24 toll free hotline where all questions and concerns can be addressed, and continued communication with providers regarding medication management.

Our team recognizes the sensitive nature of these conditions and handles medication refills and delivery in a professional discrete manner. We provide all of our patients with useful educational material and tools to make adherence to their medications an easier process.

With patient care as our goal, we hope to serve your pharmacy needs with the flexible, tailored and professional approach to healthcare service delivery we have practiced for over 40 years.